Students will be taught to expand their writing abilities through learning materials that build on skills taught in the previous levels. Through targeted writing activities, students will be required to use more advanced and descriptive wording in their work. Challenging exercises and open-ended questions will motivate students to express their opinions and ideas about various topics. They will be required to research and validate facts from various sources such as reference books and the Internet.

The students will be introduced to different forms of writing such as plays, songs, poetry and comic strips. There will also be mindfulness exercises that will aid in their reflective, analytical and creative thinking processes. All these exercises are designed to be fun and engaging to the students.

The ultimate goal of the program is to inspire students to always aim for the best in all their writing endeavors so they become independent and confident writers.

At the end of Level 8, students will write their own short stories which will be published by SeeWrite and showcased at the learning centre.

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