One of the pioneers of STEAM in Hong Kong, we offer a curriculum that focuses on activity based learning that is FUNctional!  Subjects are structured so that science, technology, engineering, art and math all relate to each other in practice.

Students are challenged to learn a breadth of skill sets through projects that are based on advanced research in STEAM education.

Candle Carousel

Make a candle carousel and investigate how heat generates power.

Homopolar Motor

Make motors that spin! Learn about electromagnetism.

Conveyor Belt

DIY Conveyor Belt for moving small loads.

Secret Coding

Design your own secret codes for friends to decode.

Blast off Balloon Race

Pump it up, pull it off, push it forward and let it go.

Cardboard Projector

Make a projector for the videos in your phone.

Circuit Christmas Tree

Light the tree with simple circuits and LEDs.

Mechanical Grabber

Design and build a mechanical grabber that would hold a cup.

Geometric Construction Set

Transform 2D shapes into 3D shapes structure.

Bear’s New Bed

Read this classic tale and help Goldilocks rebuild the broken bed for baby bear.

Mobile Monster

Combine engineering and art to make movable puppet show.