Our program is offered as an after-school activity. Its curriculum is complimentary to what the child is learning at school. Each entering student needs to undertake an assessment which is used to identify the child’s appropriate level to start with.

The child always begins in the most comfortable zone in order to build his/her confidence and interest. We work closely with each student by limiting the number of students per teacher. Each class requires one hour per week. For each session, the student will be first exposed to the concept of the materials to be taught in the session. This will be accompanied by an audio program to enhance the student’s understanding. In the final 5-10 minutes of a class, the student will be asked to work on an arts and craft task that complements what had been taught. He will be proud to bring the object home.

We recognize that the best learning experience is realized only when the teacher collaborates fully with the parents in the handling of the child’s learning process. Regular discussions will be conducted with parents and feedback from parents will be taken into account in the teaching approach.

Creative writing is the art of making up stories through the form of writing. It allows self-expression, both to entertain and to share human experiences. Our strategy is to provide a curriculum to help the child to write in a detailed structured manner. It is a step-by-step process that is tailored to the individual child’s ability and needs.

SeeWrite is proud to have developed its own set of curriculum based on years of proven experience in teaching children to improve their writing skills. The ultimate goal of the program is to inspire students to always aim for the best in all their writing endeavors so they become independent and confident writers. There are eight levels in the program, with each level designed carefully to help students to achieve proper writing. We teach students to write in the traditional methods; i.e. a step-by-step process.

Endorsement (1)
SeeWrite Education Center has been established on sound educational principles for writing development in children. The curriculum is vibrant and exciting. Rather than focusing on just the act of writing, children are introduced to concepts using physical art projects to reinforce learning. The creative activity becomes the focus for the child to explore many concepts and ideas. The activities increase the ability of the child to expand the creative thought process and allows them to write expressively. Each lesson is systematically presented to produce positive results. The curriculum is developed and delivered to allow students to successfully complete one module before moving to the next. I was impressed with the variety of activities made available for the children at each level. This type of teaching will always produce positive results. In addition, the use of small group instruction allows for individual student success. As this program grows and expands, it will continue to reach and improve the creative writing ability of young children.
– Dr. Kaye Manson Jeter – Former Dean of the College of Education at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, USA

Dr. Jeter has been a teacher and teacher educator for over thirty years. She has published two books on the art of teaching: “Teacher, Teacher What Does Your Garden Grow?”; “Master Teacher Is: Ten Attributes that Identify the Master Teacher in Today’s Classroom.”  In 2012, she received the Outstanding Educators Award from the Institute of Urban Education in Ohio, USA.

Endorsement (2)
While I am not an English language acquisition specialist, my research area focuses on how to enable the young brain to learn and process information. SeeWrite Curriculum is well written with sound principles from the field of educational neuroscience. The unique “bit-size” learning unit is superbly designed to help young learner’s brain to process and encode new information effectively.

SeeWrite curriculum has incorporated the integrative three-phase model of learning (preparatory, learning cycle, recall/remember) to develop neural pathways so that material is retained. It is that solid foundation, I believe, which allows the creative writing process to flow without hindrance. SeeWrite curriculum has also incorporated various attention getting strategy to help the students maintain interest during the hard work of knowledge acquisition. The dynamic process is impactful for both native English speakers and ESL students. Students who experience SeeWrite will not only learn the material, but also will have fun on an enlightening journey throughout the learning process.
– Dr. YC Chen – Educational Neuroscientist, Co-Author, Curriculum Director and R&D Director for a Singapore-based K-12 education group for the last 6 years