Tracy Ho:
本人的兩個小孩分別 10 歲和 5 歲;自大兒子 4 歲開始就已經跟 SeeWrite 的創辦人 Ms. Mauree 上英文課,從學寫英文字母,phonics, grammar 到 creative writing,一 步一步的學好英文的基礎。兩個小孩每星期都十分期待去 SeeWrite 上課,SeeWrite 的環境充滿藝術創意,老師們會採用不同的環保材料為中心佈置不同的主題,小孩 們每次上完課遲遲都不肯離開。每一堂課都有配合主題的手工藝時段,也是學生們 十分期待的一個環節。本人覺得小孩們可以開心愉快及輕鬆舒適地學到知識實在難 得。SeeWrite 的老師們除了教導英文知識,更注重學生的品行,學習態度和提供安 全衛生的環境,實在令我十分放心讓我的孩子在 SeeWrite 上課。SeeWrite 的 Creative Writing 專有教材令小朋友更容易輕鬆掌握到英文寫作技巧,讓我的孩子在 不知不覺間喜歡上了寫作及增強了對寫作的信心。實在要感激 SeeWrite 的老師們用 心的教導。
Kathy Wong:
My boys thrived and truly enjoyed their experience with Mauree and SeeWrite. They helped my boys (ages 4 & 5) to enter pre-k and used creative ways to help them understand the concepts they were learning. For example to learn shapes, Mauree had them cut out a circle to see it was round with no corners. For a triangle they cut and felt that it had three sides. So very helpful especially for my oldest son who is very tactile. They did very creative arts and crafts each class and loved working on their handwriting skills. She made their class time fun and fostered a love of learning, which is always the most important skill they needed to take away from each session. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
Karen DuBois:
I would like to let know how grateful I am for the writing programs of your company for which my both daughters, Chloe and Eloise, really benefit from them a lot. I am very impressed with how the company outlines the whole course with a step-by-step approach to guide your students to learn how to think, how to format and develop the whole writing structure. Both my daughters successfully undertook with commendable remarks from their English courses in school. For the first time, Chloe has gotten an A- from her English program at school and Eloise has also commanded with an excellent writing skill by her teacher. The motivational guidance definitely empowers Chloe and Eloise with skills necessary to give them a competitive edge during their school years. The techniques used through the writing programs truly motivate them to work toward success in their lives. The whole class is also structured with material whereby both of the find learning With SEEWRITE enjoyable. Thanks you again for the excellent writing program. I definitely have no doubts to recommend SEEWRITE to others.
Queenie Chan:
經朋友介紹下, 我把6歲的兒子Licus送到See Write授課將近有一年時間, 他是一個比較慢熱的孩子, 不太喜歡向人表達自己, 亦不敢回答別人的提問, 但經過See Write老師們耐心的教導, 和特別選用了針對兒子弱項的教學方式來教導他, 如把較多時間放在會話對答一面。他們亦會安排兒子與其他同學一起在同一時段授課, 目的是增加兒子與同學之間的互動, 他們會以遊戲的方式去引導他多表達, 令兒子感覺在輕鬆的環境下勇於發言, 從而加強他的自信心。例如: 兒子正正踏入小一面試階段, 因為兒子的慢熱性格, 在多間小學面試後他都未能成功被取錄, 統一派位結果又不如理想, 做媽媽確實擔心萬分, 最後唯有靠叩門面試去爭取心儀學校的學位, 這時在SeeWrite的創辦人強力的建議下和在緊迫的時間裡, 要幫助兒子全力集中在面試的教學, 在他們的悉心教導和鼓勵下, 我見兒子已願意表達自己和勇於發言,最後成功被拔萃小學後補學位取錄。忠心多謝SeeWrite每一位老師的付出和用心,你們確實是一間以學生為本和能令家長們信賴的教育中心,能夠遇到你們,做父母的已經不用擔心兒子的英語水平,他能夠聽,講,讀和寫的能力已比從前進步不少。